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Das Elektrokardiogramm (EKG) ist die Aufzeichnung der Summe der elektrischen Aktivitäten aller Herzmuskelfasern mittels eines Elektrokardiografen. Das Elektrokardiogramm trägt im Deutschen auch die Bezeichnung Herzspannungskurve, gelegentlich wird es auch Herzschrift genannt.



Monitored Heartbeat

24/7 Nursing Care
Immediate Check-In

Post Supervision


In this endeavor, while we have the best of an expert team of doctors taking care of the patients at one hand; we have an exemplary team of voluntary physicians and retired physicians who provide medical assistance to the not so wealthy class from negligible.

Abdominoplasty $5,232
Botox $382
Breast Augmentation Saline $3,583
Chemical Peel $848
Laser Hair Removal $347
Lip Augmentation (surgical) $1,819

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Keeping a cheerful staff and a relaxed ambiance, we strive to make each patient as comfortable and happy as possible. Open 24/7; patients are encouraged to book appointments with us at their own convenient time and spend the minimum time waiting.


Second Opinions
Check your Part B deductible for a doctor's visit and other outpatient care.

This is because of the insight that many eye conditions stem from other medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorder, immune systems, etc. Resources are also offered to complement the local physician’s expertise.


Inpatient Care
Though no clear-cut evidence has yet been established, studies indicate that people.


Trust us to be there to help all and make things well again.