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Zentrale Strategie der Prävention ist es, die Auslösefaktoren von Krankheiten zurückzudrängen oder ganz auszuschalten. In der Regel wird Prävention damit nicht nur als Aufgabe der Medizin verstanden, sondern erfolgt interdisziplinär unter Mitwirkung von Psychologie, Soziologie und Pädagogik. Präventive Maßnahmen sind langfristig angelegt und zielen auf langfristige Veränderungen der Einstellung, des Erlebens und des Verhaltens.


Health Clinic

Currently, we have onboard three full-time board-certified pediatricians along with five part-time Nurse Practitioners (FNP), three full-time medical assistants (MA’s) and four front desk staff. We have an emergency pediatric ward as well to ensure that the young ones get medical attention and care even at wee hours.


Some of the service offered by the clinic includes:

  • General checkup and preventive care
  • Immunizations, and care and support for children with special health care
  • Prior appointment is encouraged
  • If deemed necessary, our in-house

Dr. Pollar Troy

1st Floor
Pediatrics Ward: Room 101
Extremely proud to have immediate assistance.

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Some of the service offered by the clinic includes general checkup and preventive care, immunizations, and care and support for children with special health care needs. Prior appointment is encouraged to minimize the wait time and minimize inconvenience for the children. If deemed necessary, our in-house makes arrangements to have a parent nearby making the child feel as comfortable as possible.
Taking care of a sick child can be a frightening experience, we are extremely proud to have immediate assistance and advice line available to ensure a high level of care as well as support.
Built on a foundation of caring, expert knowledge and accessibility, we have the right size to give proper attention to both parents and children which are something that they need as well as deserve.